“Asset Integrity Management” – Best optimal for your organization

“Asset Integrity Management” – Best optimal for your organization


“Asset Integrity Management” – Best optimal for your organization

On May 11th 2017, PVD training in partnership with Lloyd’s Register organized successfully the Asset Integrity, Corrosion and Risk Management Workshop in Malibu Hotel, Vung Tau, Vietnam with the participation of nearly 85 attendees including Top Management, Key Managers, Senior Engineers from Oil and Gas companies, operators and asset owners.

The workshop attracted the attention of all managers, they exchanged with experts and lively discussed.

PVD Training is an exclusive representative of   Lloyd’s Register,  a global engineering, technical and business services organization, offers an unrivalled portfolio of asset integrity and asset management services to the Oil and Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical Industries, from oil fields, pipelines, storage tanks to refineries, chemical plants, fertilizers and power stations. Our services cover every stage of the asset lifecycle, from concept through to decommissioning.

Our asset integrity and reliability services and associated software help you to cost effectively manage the integrity, risk, performance and reliability of your equipment and assets. We help determine the probability and consequences of equipment failure and can safely extend the life of your assets to help you achieve up to 50% cost saving for inspection and maintenance of assets, 30 to 60% reduction in opened equipment items during shutdown intervals, between 80 to 95% reduction in failure risks, up to a 20% increase in equipment uptime and 50-90% reduction in inspection points (compared to a traditional American Petroleum Institute (API) inspection programme).

We help you to cost effectively and safely manage the integrity, increase the performance and reliability of your equipment and assets, and maintain management systems at every stage of the life cycle, from design to operating and maintenance through to late life and decommissioning. This is applicable to life and environment, asset performance, market and contractual or regulatory requirements.

So what is the only thing you need to do now?

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Our contact information:

Mr. Tran Phuc Khang

Marketing Manager

Email: khangtp@pvdtraining.com.vn

Tel: (+84-64) 3612 099 Ext: 241

Mob: (+84) 914139279

or Mr. Nguyen Tran Bao Lan

Technic & Quality Manager

Email: lanntb@pvdrilling.com.vn

Tel: (+84-64) 3612 099 Ext: 260

Mob: (+84) 914139279


Some pictures of the workshop:

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