On Thursday 11th May 2017, PVD Training in partnership with Lloyd’s Register to organize the Asset Integrity, Corrosion and Risk Management Workshop at Vung Tau, Vietnam. Every operator has a duty of care to prevent major incidents by managing the governance and integrity of its assets. A robust asset integrity management framework, within which an asset integrity process can operate, is one way of achieving this aim.

This workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Asset Integrity management
  • Corrosion management and integrity operating windows
  • Risk based methodologies
  • Late life operations and decommissioning

The workshop will be followed by a training session covering the topic of Asset Integrity Training. All Attendees will receive a certificate of achievement on completion of the day’s activities.

Asset Integrity Management [as defined in BSI ISO 55000]: Is the systematic and coordinated activities and practices through which an organisation sustainability and optimally manages its asset, asset systems, performance, risk and expenditure over the life time of the asset for the purpose of achieving strategic goals.

Asset Integrity Process:  Are the mechanisms to prevent, control and mitigate major accidents on a plant or offshore asset; it does this by ensuring ageing and other damage mechanisms which could cause plant and asset deterioration and increased major hazard risks are recognised and are being managed effectively and efficiently.

We offers an unrivalled portfolio of asset integrity and risk management services to the oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical industries, from oil fields, pipelines, storage tanks to refineries, chemical plants, fertilizers and power stations. Our services cover every stage of the asset lifecycle, from concept through to decommissioning.

Our asset integrity and risk management services (and associated software) help you to cost effectively manage the integrity, risk, performance and reliability of your equipment and assets.  The objective being to safely extend the field life in order to maximise extraction. Compared to a traditional API inspection programme LR can help you achieve the following cost efficiencies:

  • 50% cost savings for inspection & maintenance of assets
  • 30% – 60% reduction in opened equipment in shutdown intervals
  • 80% to 95% reduction in failure risk
  • Up to 20% increase in equipment uptime
  • 50% – 90% reduction in inspection points



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