Changes To Well Control Training, Examination & Certification

Changes To Well Control Training, Examination & Certification

In September 2013, the Association of Oil & Gas Producer (OGP) published OGP report No. 476 regarding “Recommendations for enhancements to Well Control training, examination and certification”. OGP476 has immediately affected the operations, programs and associated functions of IWCF and IADC, resulting in the changes in Well Control Training of IWCF in particular.

In response to OGP476, IWCF has made additions, improvements and changes including three significant contents:


Drilling Level 1 is new.

Drilling Level 2 is broadly equivalent to old Introductory Level.

Drilling Level 3 is equivalent to the old Driller level.

Drilling Level 4 is equivalent to the old Supervisor level.

Centers are expected to deliver the new content by January 31st 2014.

Role specific training, where candidates at different levels are taught separately will come into effect from July 2014.

There are no changes to Practical Assessment at this time.


Written examination will reflect the content of the new syllabus from January 2014.

Exams will refer to latest versions of API Standards 53.

Re-sit Procedures:

If a candidate fails two or more components at the first attempt, they will not be eligible for an instant re-sit, they must attend a full course of training.

If the candidate achieves 65% or below in one of the components, they are not eligible for an instant re-sit, they must receive further training prior to a re-sit examination.

If a candidate fails one of the components at 66% and above, they are eligible for an instant re-sit or to come back within the 90 day re-sit period.

If the first re-sit attempt is 65% or below, the candidate will not be eligible for an instant re-sit and must receive further training prior to completing the final attempt within 90 day re-sit period.

Instant re-sits will be provided to those candidates who meet the above mentioned criteria and where test materials and invigilation are available.

“Information Notice No. 2013-09A by IWCF”


Although the changes are dramatic drawing serious attention of the Oil & Gas society to well control training, examination and certification process, management/experts from Oil & Gas operating companies, drilling contractors and service providers are highly recommended to learn and understand these recommendations to improve well control preparation and performance for all types of operations on all wells worldwide.



As the primary accredited center of IWCF for the delivery of Well Control Training (Surface BOP and Combined Surface/Subsea BOP), PVD Training has been adapted those changes to its programs in respect of OGP476 and IWCF’s improvement. However, the changes will not affect the courses run during the year. For a full tentative schedule of IWCF Well Control training in 2014, please download the file here or contact us.


For further consultancy or inquiries about Well Control training, please contact PVD Training at via (+84) 3612 099 Ext: 246

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