MEMIR training course at Myanmar

MEMIR training course at Myanmar

This Quarter’s  SAFETY SLOGAN:

Incident for Week 233: 1 Other (SHP)

Total Safe Man Hours: 6,026,830

  • 1,443 days without lost time injury
  • 3 Lost Time Injury to date
  • 19 Recordable Incidents to date
  • 00 LTI Rate (YTD)
  • 36 RI Rate (YTD)

June Safety Chant:


From the Operations and Maintenance Manager

Once again, Team you achieved another working week without any incident or injury, thank you very much for the Safe Working Practices, keep up the good work.

This week Mr. John Leslie has joined us in the Yangon office and will be my replacement when I leave next week (sad times). You will all know John as one of the OIM’s on SHP and will now take the O&M Managers chair.  Please give your welcome to John and we all wish him well in his new position.

Next week will be my last Newsletter and John will take over the O&M Managers input into the weekly newsletter.

Have a good weekend.


Pleased to say SHP continues where it left off last week with another 100% on Safe Production uptime ensuring we meet our Gas Export sales targets.

Our Gas Compressor K2601, at time of going to press, is just about ready for a test run having had a new NDE journal bearing installed and performing all the necessary clearance measurements of not only this bearing but includes the thrust bearing as well. The first set of clearances were out-with tolerances which after some advice from Siemens has involved a protracted re-do, but this time the numbers are good. By the close of work yesterday this had been done, the unit boxed up and ready for de-isolation.


Fabric maintenance refurbishment of the outer end of the North condensate burner boom has been completed. The rusted handrails and their rusted support framework have been removed as they are not required when the burner boom is in use and acted as a water trap for the deluge spray resulting in their demise. In future when a safe maintenance platform is required on the end of the boom it will be swung into to its rest and scaffolding handrails temporarily installed. Also removed and discarded was a piece of scrap steel sheet which the original commissioning engineers called had the audacity to call a heat shield.

They had installed it try and prevent heat breakdown of the ignitor cables, while partially successful, it also reduced the effectiveness of the water spray deluge curtain outboard of the shield. Early on we had actually changed out the original cables for a higher heat rated cables which really solved the problem making the steel sheet redundant hence we have now taken the opportunity to remove it.

Refurbished Boom ready for action when called upon

KHAN engineering team has returned on board this week to complete the second part & Train 1 optimization of the MEG system. Ms. Stella their site supervisor has been welcomed to our daily Heads of Department meeting.

AEEC, BHI has been working in tandem cleaning out the still column and changing out the Pal rings packing and continue to work their way through the cleaning of the reflex drum & reboiler vessels one by one.



Gas nominations for the past week were still high and export to both buyers continues to be very steady during this seven day period, nominations have decreased a bit and we will continue to meet our demands.  The pipeline downstream of OGT is not limiting deliveries as it continues to be well below the contractual range.  Gas quality was fully meeting the contract values and both SHP & OGT had no interruptions to gas flow this past week another great week of export.

The Teams continue to enthusiastically work towards the QSS+5S program and continue improvements in both the workshop and the main electrical room, see the before and after pictures below.

Yangon Mechanical Engineers (SH Jang and Zeyar Hlaing) assisted by OGT Warehouse Team conducted the inspection and physical verification of SIEMENS Compressor Bundle Exchange spare parts”. See photo below:

Monsoon season is upon us and that time again to keep our drains and gutters clean to ensure no blockage at our exit points.

QSS+ Update

 QSS+ activities are ongoing at OGT and SHP with very good success.

Great initiative, good work and thank you for your efforts!



MEMIR (Major Emergencies Management Initial Response (In-House Training Program) was organized at Yangon Office for Two Groups composed of dedicated duty manager positions and other relevant designations among Office Staff. Mr. Ice Lee and co-trainer from PVD Technical Training & Certification J.S.C, Vietnam provided the effective theoretical and practical demonstration to PDC Staff according to the company’s guidelines and procedures. All the participants were actively participated and gained critical industrial emergency response principles.

 MEMIR training initial Kick Off

First Team practical training


 Birthday’s this week:

Kyaw Wunna Hein Instrument Technician PDC 2nd June
San Htet Paing Baker M&A 5th June
Myat Theinger Kyaw Deck Crew Smart 6th June
Kyaw Niang Oo Production Technician PDC 7th June

O&M is proudly bringing along the great news of Mr. Aung Moe (Instrument Engineer)’s daughter who won the 2nd Runner-up with all distinctions in Myanmar as the result of 2018 Matriculation Exam. Likewise, Mr. Aung Thu (Marine Coordinator)’s daughter achieved six distinctions and Ms. Lay Lay Nwe (Data Controller)’s son successfully passed also in order to join the upgrade academic studies at Universities accordingly. Congratulations to all, the young ones!

Ms. Su Naychi Moe

(Daughter of Mr. Aung Moe)



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