OPITO Approval For EBS, CA EBS Training

OPITO Approval For EBS, CA EBS Training

PVD Training is honored to announce our accreditation for EBS (OPITO approved) training on 30th September 2013.

The Emergency Breathing System (EBS) training is designed to complement offshore safety and emergency response training and assessment for personnel travelling to an offshore oil and gas installation by helicopter (in a warm water tropical environment) when issued with an Emergency Breathing System (EBS). In fact, survival  helicopter accidents over the ocean usually results in 20-50% mortality rate as it is apparently learnt that the later passengers to escape do not have the breath-holding  ability durable enough to make it off the water, especially in the cold water. Therefore, without a doubt EBS training must be treated as essential attachment to T-BOSIET,  T-HUET and T-FOET, yet cannot be delivered as a stand-alone course.


 The objectives of the additional EBS training delivered in conjunction with the T-BOSIET/T-FOET/T-HUET programs are to:

  –  Ensure delegates are familiar with the use of the Emergency Breathing System (EBS)

  –  Ensure that delegates understand their basic emergency response actions during a helicopter emergency using the EBS

An OPITO-approved certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the course and will be valid for 4 years, granting the graduates worldwide recognition and international acceptance for employment.

With headquarters UK, OPITO International is the leading global accreditation body for health, safety and technical standards that ensure the safe and competency of workers around the world. As a matter of fact, the OPITO approval for EBS Module indicates that the PVD Training’s programs meet the global standards and practices of representatives of the international Oil & Gas Industry.

OPITO Accredited Courses are scheduled weekly or upon request. Please contact info@pvdtraining.com.vn for further information.

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