OPITO-Approved “Minimum Industry Safety Training” (MIST)

OPITO-Approved “Minimum Industry Safety Training” (MIST)

The offshore Oil & Gas industry is one of the industries that expose to the most dangers in the world. Although technology advancement and infrastructure improvement have contributed in the reduced number of offshore injuries and accidents recently, hazards hinder everywhere and must be controlled in every bit of operation. Improvement in safety awareness and training could be applied as one of the most effective method to increase safety awareness and skills to understand, be able to recognize and thus avoid risks.


The Offshore Oil & Gas industry “Minimum Industry Safety Training” (MIST) was developed to educate offshore personnel about key safety elements and is considered compulsory requirement for every individual working offshore. The course includes 9 modules focusing on personal responsibilities for safety thus influencing every individual’s behaviour and attitude towards their co-workers, the installation and the environment.

  • Module 1: Intro to the hazardous offshore environment
  • Module 2: Working safely including safety observation systems
  • Module 3: Understanding the risk assessment process
  • Module 4: Tasks that require permit to work
  • Module 5: Personal responsibility in maintaining asset integrity
  • Module 6: Using manual handling techniques everyday
  • Module 7: Controlling the use of hazardous substances offshore
  • Module 8: Knowledge and practices of working at height
  • Module 9: Being aware of mechanical lifting activities

Upon the completion of MIST, candidates will gain an awareness of the variety of tasks and the safety risks to be found on offshore installations.

PVD Training ran two OPITO-Approved MIST training sections on November 16th 2013 and December 2nd 2013 in Ho Chi Minh City. Each section last two (02) days and was delivered by a senior instructor with extensive experience in conducting MIST and also an accredited OPITO Assessor.

OPITO is well-recognized as the global awarding body with aim of common global standards for the Oil & Gas workforce all over the world. As it has spread its influence to thousands of companies and organizations in every continent across the globe, it is a quest that every oil & gas worker should get trained to OPITO standards to empower themselves to a global industry playground.

The course is highly recommended for new starters in Oil & Gas industry. There are no prior achievements required. For more information about the course or other training and services at PVD Training, please contact us at:info@pvdtraining.com.vn or visit www.pvdtraining.com.vn

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