[OPITO Approved] O.I.M Controlling Emergencies

[OPITO Approved] O.I.M Controlling Emergencies

O.I.M Controlling Emergencies – The 14th OPITO Approved training programme of PVD Training

PVD Training is now offering the OPITO approved O.I.M Controlling Emergencies,this programme is developed in accordance to OPITO standards and PVD Training is currently the only training provider in Viet Nam approved by OPITO as a training and/or assessment centre.

 The OIM Controlling Emergencies assessment programme is designed for personnel who are about to be appointed to an OIM position or who are already serving as an OIM. The aim of the OIM Controlling Emergencies assessment programme is to assess delegate’s performance as the OIM using direct observation as a method of assessment. A major factor in the judgement should be the performance of the OIM in controlling emergencies under simulated conditions according to the OPITO Industry Standard ‘Controlling Emergencies’.

The training programme is available as a stand-alone course and can also be integrated with OPITO approved Major Emergency Management Initial Response (MEMIR) courses which also are provided by PVD Training.

For further information about this training programme, please contact us at any time for your clarification or assistance

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