As a reliable provider of Instrumentation, Automation with highly experienced professionals, PVD Training offers your corporations with optimal solutions to Automation, Electro-mechanics, and Process Control System in Oil & Gas industry. Service includes full or partial package of planning, design, installation, implementation, assessment, operation and maintenance of equipment system.

Moreover, our staff with wide-range technical expertise and with extensive knowledge enables us to offer our clients Supply/ Survey/ Installation/ Inspection/ Maintenance for:

  • Main Switchboard and Motor Control Centre
  • Main Transformers
  • Emergency Generator
  • Emergency Switchboard
  • Emergency Transformer
  • Emergency Lighting
  • DC and UPS Systems
  • Navigation Aid
  • Earthling and Bonding
  • Electric Equipment
  • Automation system
  • ABB MACHsense-P Advanced Inspections:

+ Vibration, Voltage, Current, Temperature And Speed.

+ Operation history , Maintenance and Failures records.

–  By applying MACHsense-P, an assessment service on running motors through current, voltage and vibration measurement, we provide preventive maintenance to protect our clients from foreseen problems at the early stage, thus, enable a better maintenance plan that is cost-efficient and time saving.

–  In addition, LEAP (Life Expectancy Analysis Program), a unique diagnostic tool to access the insulation condition of electrical equipment, allows us to offer the following technical solutions for your corporations:

+  Identify any errors in the insulation system

+  Identify expected life of stator winding

+  Develop optimal maintenance plan for electrical equipment

+  Minimize downtime & improve durability of equipment

Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering 18
E&I Engineering 1

+ Lifetime Expectancy Analysis Program or LEAP is a unique Maintenance tool for the Stator Winding insulation of Electric Machines.
+ LEAP provides information on Machine Winding and expected life, and will optimize the Machine Maintenance Plans.

  • ABB Drive Service

+ General Inspection And Cleaning: Electric board, VSD thoroughly, Power check, Signal check.
+ Component Level Inspection And Cleaning: DC capacitors, Main cooling fan, Charging circuit, Insulation material, IGBT/Gate drivers.
+ Re-Installation And Returning Drive To Operation: All electronic cards and bus bar.


We also provide repair and maintenance services for Electronic Security System, CCTV, HVAC, Pressure and Flowing Calibration System.