PVD Training gets authorization from LALIZAS to inspect and repair marine safety equipments

PVD Training gets authorization from LALIZAS to inspect and repair marine safety equipments

PVD Training’s international prestige has been enhanced by being authorized by the well-known producer of marine accessories and safety equipments – LALIZAS to carry out inspection and repair services on a portfolio of safety equipments including LALIZAS life rafts, life jackets, immersion suits and self contained breathing apparatus.

This tremendous achievement resulted from the association between LALIZAS and PVD Training in which, LALIZAS dispatched a group of experts to PVD Training center, and conducted training on inspection & repair procedures for its equipments to PVD Training’s group of inspectors and technicians in early April, 2016. During the training session, inspectors and technicians from PVD Training were intensively trained on the international standard procedures on how to inspect and repair the equipments following transfer of technology from LALIZAS.

inspect and repair marine safety equipments

PVD Training has been proud of itself as one of the leading providers of technical services mainly to oil and gas clients alongside its professional training and manpower services. With this particular authorization from LALIZAS, PVD Training has added a crucial portfolio into its spectrum of inspection and maintenance services where drilling equipment testing, Rig inspection and Offshore personnel transfer devices have been already.

LALIZAS safety equipments are commonly used amongst the oil and gas, marine business for both emergency situation and daily operations to secure safety and these equipments must be inspected and repair periodically to ensure the usability of them. PVD Training has perceived that customer’s need and taken initiatives in becoming the authorized and qualified inspection company in the niche market. Therefore, customers will be guaranteed with utmost quality of the service where demands are met and satisfied.

For more information about the inspection and repair services, please contact us at: info@pvdtraining.com.vn 

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