PVD Training Launches The E-Learning  For Oil & Gas Safety And Technical

PVD Training Launches The E-Learning For Oil & Gas Safety And Technical


As one of the industries influenced the most by globalization, technology is the driven force in Oil & Gas industry to help entities keep pace with the rapid integration of the business with the world energy sector. Therefore, technology is wisely applied in almost every aspect of Oil & Gas operations. And integrated human resources management should be one of the areas of technology application as the consequence for more efficient production.

E-leaning has been introduced to professional development as one essential way to increase production efficiency and to reduce cost and time compared to traditional training. With its mission to promote competent workforce and the optimization of the organizations in Oil & Gas, PVD Training would like to introduce the OPITO IMIST E-Learning. OPITO IMIST E-Learning is the OPITO International Minimum Industry Safety Training course, delivered as an interactive ONLINE training program. The OPITO IMIST ensures one global standard for Health and Safety training for workers all around the globe.

OPITO IMIST E-Learning program outlines few great advantages for the trainees as:

  •       OPITO Certification valid for 04 years
  •       IMIST is available in ENGLISH and different languages including VIETNAMESE
  •       Workers are trained in their native language
  •       Cost and time efficient solutions
  •       Easy and consistent deployment via the internet
  •       Personalized learning and training materials

Furthermore, the software presents unique features for those undertaking the courses:

  •       Accessing the knowledge of an Oil & Gas worker during a random sequence of pre-assessment questions
  •       Assembling a unique course for each individual based on knowledge gaps identified in their assessment
  •       Presenting the personalized content and relevant assessment questions to the candidate
  •       Upon the completion of all assessment questions, rewarding candidate with OPITO IMIST certification.

The course includes 9 modules focusing on personal responsibilities for safety thus influencing every individual’s behavior and attitude towards their co-workers, the installation and the environment.

  •       Module 2: Working safely
  •       Module 3: Understanding the Risk Assessment Process
  •       Module 4: Tasks that require a Permit to work
  •       Module 5: Personal responsibility in maintaining asset integrity
  •       Module 6: Using manual handling techniques every day
  •       Module 7: Controlling the use of hazardous substances
  •       Module 8: Knowledge and processes of working at height
  •       Module 9: Being aware of mechanical lifting activities

The OPITO standard requires that this online refresher course is delivered in an OPITO invigilated center. PVD Traininghas been approved by OPITO to be its invigilated center for OPITO IMIST training.

OPITO IMIST E-Learning is an innovative approach to professional training & development in compliance with international standards. It resolves the personal needs and gaps in traditional training by tailor the training for each and every individual.

Besides OPITO IMIST E-learning, PVD Training offers a variety of Non-OPITO Training Courses Online covering a wide range of safety and technical categories. 150 online training courses are offered to cover from safety awareness to technical training, focusing on the Oil & Gas industry. Major online training categories include but not limited to:

Safety System of work
Safety Awareness
Environmental Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering
– Authorized Gas Testing

– Confined Space Entry

– Electrical Safety Rules

– Etc.

– Abrasive Wheel

– Dropped Object

– Drill floor and drill derrick

– Lifting Operations

– Pressure Vessel Inspection

– Working at Height

– Etc.

– Environmental Impact Assessment

– Environmental Management

– Oil Pollution Emergency Planning

– Etc.


– Introduction to Centrifugal Compressors and Knock Out Drums

– Diesel Engines

– Pumps

– Valves

– Etc.

– Power System Design

– Motor Performance

– Power Production Capacity

– Safety in Design

– Etc.

Oil and Gas familiarization
Process Ops and Technology (Chemical)
Process Operations (Upstream)


Integrity Management
– Gas Compression System

– Pressure and Temp Instrumentation

– Subsea Control System

– Introduction to Oil & Gas

– Etc.

– Compressor & Compression Technology

– Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow

– Process Control and Fault Diagnosis

– Etc.


– Gas Compression & Treatment

– Oil & Gas Extraction, Metering, Sampling and Pigging

– Water Injection

– Etc.

– Compressed Air

– Fuel System

– Seawater and Firewater

– Drain System


– Etc.

– Corrosion Awareness

– Hazards of Hydrocarbons

– Managing Pressure and Leak Testing

– Pipeline Integrity

– Piping Vibration

– Etc.


The highlight feature of the Non-OPITO courses is the easy, fast and effective access to training regardless geography and time. That allows trainees to take the course at any location and any time at their convenience. Trainees will be provided a link with username and password to access to the training once registering with PVD Training. Upon course completion, trainees will be granted PVD Training’s CERTIFICATE.

For more information about our training program, please contact us at info@pvdtraining.com.vn or +8464 3912 099.

PVD Training is the digital provider of efficient ways to solve your training needs.

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