NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety (IOG)

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The NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety has been developed to meet the growing requirements for formal training and certification. The course is a professional qualification that allows individuals to gain a good grounding in the operational safety requirements in the oil and gas environment and satisfy employers that they have formal training and certification with in the area of employment.

The Achievement of the NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (IGC) or equivalent prior to undertaking the International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety (IOG) is highly recommended.

The IOG is designed as a specialist sector specific supplement to the IGC rather than to replace knowledge and understanding of general health and safety gained as part of the IGC.  This course also supplements the NEBOSH Diploma.


The contents of this course are covered in FIVE elements:

ELEMENT 1: Health, Safety and environmental management in context

  1. Learning from Incidents
  2. Hazards inherent in oil and gas
  3. Risk Management Techniques used in the oil and gas industries
  4. Safety cases and safety reports


ELEMENT 2: Hydrocarbon process safety 1

  1. Contractor management
  2. Process Safety Management (PSM)
  3. Role and Purpose of a permit-to-work system
  4. Key principles of shift handover
  5. Plant operations and maintenance


ELEMENT 3: Hydrocarbon process safety 2

  1. Failure modes
  2. Safety critical equipment controls
  3. Safe storage of hydrocarbons
  4. Furnace and boiler operations


ELEMENT 4: Fire protection and emergency response

  1. Fire and explosion risk in the oil and gas industries
  2. Emergency Response


ELEMENT 5: Logistics and Transport operation

  1. Marine Transport
  2. Land Transport


Note: The course consists of over 34 hours of tuition and intensive self study


This qualification has been professionally structured as a competency development course for personnel working in the safety industry, equipping them with vital specialized safety training and know-how. By implementing effective process safety management across all areas of operations will reduce the number of accident, provide a safe place to work thereby saving time and money.


The course is designed for individuals with safety responsibilities such as managers, supervisors, employee representatives, health and safety counselors who need to ensure and understand safety in the working environment, as well as needing an appreciation of hydrocarbon process safety. Delegates should already have the knowledge of operational process safety issues or have taken the NEBOSH International General Certificate in OSH.

  • TIME TRAINING: over a 5-day period with examinations on the nearest NEBOSH standard global date.

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