Scaffolding Services at PVD Training

Scaffolding Services at PVD Training

When it comes to looking for one-stop scaffolding service providers, PVD Training is best known as the most reliable one for providing customers scaffolding full service including:

  • Scaffolding Training
  • Scaffolding Inspection
  • Scaffolding Rental
  • Scaffolding Manpower

To enable a safe working environment for scaffolders who directly perform the scaffolding jobs, PVD Training with the in-depth knowledge and profound experience in scaffolding, has long worked with our clients to provide the related training, that equips client’s personnel at all position from junior workers to supervisors with essential safety and technical skills for setting up and working on scaffolds including three levels:
1. Basic Scaffolding
2. Intermediate Scaffolding
3. Advanced Scaffolding
These training courses can be delivered either at our training venue following with our public training schedules or client’s site with in-house training approaches that can be customized to suit client’s needs.
In addition, PVD Training also supplies scaffolding manpower to a majority of clients across the industries. Our scaffolding personnel are well-trained and qualified to meet any rigorous requirements for performing the jobs.
Especially, we comes first as the best choice for scaffolding inspection service and have scaffolding rental available for clients all around the world. Our services have crossed borders, regions and achieve a great deal of success in Southeast Asia countries such as Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia where positive feedback and comments coming back to us for the excellent service quality.

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