Steel Fabrication Services by PVD Training

Steel Fabrication Services by PVD Training

PVD Training is a global leader in providing comprehensive and cost efficient steel fabrication solutions that are aimed at delivering high quality service to customers in a timely manner for commercial, residential, industrial and retail sectors in Vietnam and all over the world.

We stay in the leading position in steel fabrication market by our cutting-edge technology and extremely professional engineers which help us to fast accomplish and delivery required products & works to customers. We are committed to excellent results across a range of different services including steel drafting and detailing, fabrication, surface treatment, and installation.

We place safety and quality first in every project we do for your customer and throughout phases. With our exceptional customer-oriented philosophy, we have earned a great reputation around the world for the work we do, for examples we have done a great deal of fabrication and erection works for structural steel frames in factories and plant, construction yards. We also do container fabrication in a mass scale.
We are highly experienced in building and fabricating structures and products that safety and quality are strictly demanded such as explosive bunkers, containers, helidecks, and helicopter mock-ups, etc. No matter how complex the work is, you always find the most simple and effective solutions from PVD Training.

Please contact PVD Training by sending your email to for more information and request for service. We always guarantee you the best!

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