The Recent Incident (Scaffold Collapsed) Happened On 25 March 2015, At Vung Ang Ez

The Recent Incident (Scaffold Collapsed) Happened On 25 March 2015, At Vung Ang Ez

WHAT:     Scaffold Collapsed

 WHERE : Vung  Ang Economic Zone, Ha Tinh Province , South of Hanoi

 WHEN:  8 pm on 25 March 2015 with around 100 workers on the 30 metre construction site scaffold at the Taiwanese-invested Formosa steel complex project.

 INJURED: 28 people sustained injuries in the accident

 CASUALTY: 13 people declared dead (based on the initial report) as of 5 pm 27 March 2015


 A failure in the hydraulic brake system in the scaffold structure is behind the March 25 collapse at the Vung Ang economic zone in central Ha Tinh province.

The conclusion was announced during a press conference in the locality on March 27, during which Kim Hyung Sub, Deputy General Director of the project’s contractor Samsung C&T, admitted company’s remiss in operating the scaffold at the site. The consequences of the accident have been addressed and thanked to Vietnamese Government and Local Authorities for their timely support.



Accident happened without warning, therefore, whenever, wherever or whatever situation , SAFETY CULTURE should be embedded into everyone’s mind.

Similar accidents not only occurred in Vietnam but in other part of  the world too (if not treated the installation accordingly)  where scaffold utilized be it in maintenance, constructions works and other activities that requires temporary platform where site workers or performers can move and work safely and comfortably.

According to the investigation results, “The scaffolding was shaking one or two times before collapsing, some workers were panicking, but somebody calmed them down (one of the contractor site leader, maybe)  and everyone continued working as per instructions. About 20 minutes after the first shaking, the scaffolding suddenly collapsed.


In this scenario, if leader is competent enough, he should stop the work immediately and investigate why the scaffold shook. Leader failed to become proactive and unable to identify intentionally or unintentionally the cause of shaking  and asked the workers to continue working instead. It may not have resulted in an accident if every workers have Safety Culture in their mind especially the competent person on site.

Several accident factors might be concluded, but we must remember 80 out of every 100 accidents are the fault of the person involved in the incident ( Human Error ) . Unsafe acts cause four times as many accidents as unsafe conditions. “ BE PROACTIVE THAN REACTIVE”


  • Risk Assessment and Job Safety Analysis.
  • Follow safety procedures.
  • Ensure the integrity of the equipment and tools.
  • If you see or sense any abnormal condition , stop, observe, address the issue and call the attention of the responsible person on site.
  • Everybody must be given an STOP WORK AUTHORITY.
  • Competent person must know how to identify existing hazards, predictable hazards and have the authority to stop or eliminate that hazards.
  • Proper TRAINING of personnel who will carry out specific tasks. Training and Skills are the keys, right people for the right job and right tools/equipment for the right job.
  • Understand the fact that, different sites have different requirements for different types of scaffolding.
  • Consider the equipment safety and manufacturers recommendation.
  • Follow scaffold safety .  According to OSHA’s , a “scaffold must be sound, rigid and sufficient to carry its own weight, plus four times (4X) the maximum intended load without settling or displacement.


1)      Choose the right training center for your needs (Technical & Safety)

2)      Learn the correct scaffolding skills, technique and safety matters.

3)      Learn how to become passionate  in Safety

4)      Learn how to Work at Heights

5)      Learn how to Rescue at Heights and effects of Suspension Trauma.

6)      Learn how to choose correct PPE’s and PPE’s inspection.

7)      Be aware of your own Safety, company properties, environment and Safety of Others.


Accidents occur for many reasons. In many situations, people tend to look for “things” or reasons to blame when an accident happens. This seems to them to be easier than to look for the “root” or basic reason for the incident to begin with.

Investigation conducted to find out the root cause/s, as everybody want to hear and find out exactly what was occurring at the time of the incident, what processes they were using , to find out what happened, why it happened and prevent it from happening again.


We at PVDT waste no time in providing  Safety Awareness/Training and Technical Skills applicable in any industries. Those who learned with us “ SAFETY IS THE TOP PRIORITY

We understood that learning safety is a never ending process and involves money, time and effort but our main concern and focus is on the well-being of employees and their families, environment, asset & reputation.

If you consider your own  safety, your own and families future , your own opportunities , we are here for you and we do hope you will consider us to become your partner in attaining such goals.


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