Competency - Based Training (CBT)

Since global Oil & Gas is booming, O&G companies, especially drilling contractors, have been looking for numbers of ways to overcome the challenge of employees’ competence in order to increase operation efficiency and workplace safety.

PVD Training has developed the Competency-Based Training Model (CBT) for the Drilling Crew encompassing a cluster of theory delivery and practical assessment to improve at the same time knowledge and skills of the manpower. This is a standardized training program according to each position description on the rig, referred to the Drilling Crew Road Map:

Drilling Crew Road Map:

Drilling Crew Road Map

The highlighted feature of the CBT Model is to recognize the title of a particular position on the rig, that the individual undertaking CBT has qualified the competence by demonstrating the sufficient knowledge and skills to perform the job on the rig.

This new recruitment scheme will help save your cost on training as well as help reduce the concerns over safety on your installations, improving your workforce competence and at the same time, increase your business efficiency.

CBT model helps

How does our Safety & Technical Competency Model benefit your organization?

  • It is a fast-track solution to produce competent and qualified manpower
  • It is an efficient tool for workforce planning, employee selection, promotion, performance management, training and development, certification, succession planning, compensation, rewards and recognition, career path planning,…
  • It helps achieve desired HR management results in the best interests of the organization; reduce cost and timing for HR & Training Development
  • It helps minimize incidents and maximize operation efficiency
  • Well-planned and executed helps organization create their own resources of competent manpower to resolve the shortage of qualified human resources nowadays.

CBT Model is beneficial to Fresh Graduates, New Hires and Existing Crews who wish to move up to higher level of competence on the rigs/Platform.