Lightning Protection Services

PVD Training has a management team with a good mix of experience and fresh up to date technology; designing, installing and maintaining lightning conductor systems.

We pride ourselves on providing as non-intrusive but efficient systems as reasonably practical. Recommending and designing the best type of Lightning Protection system to suit the building whilst complying with the current standard.

Lightning Protection Services can test and certify safety lines and roof anchors to the relevant standards, including pull testing, certification and retagging. We can also supply and install both temporary and permanant safety lines and anchors

Your safety and the efficiency of your business depends on the safety measures you undertake. Whether it is a domestic, commercial or historic building we can help to protect your building. We can complete a lightning risk assessment, advice, design, install, test and certify to the most modern standards of the world.

Contact us to find out if we can assist you with any aspect of lightning protection from completing a risk assessment, design, installation or maintenance of a lightning protection system.

PVD Training is also a design consultant and contractor for lightning protection systems and grounding projects in Vietnam.

As a contractor, we design, present and install external and internal lightning protection systems, both active and passive, conventional protection or modern lightning protection systems such as radius, electrostatic and even radioactive types, for the industrial sector, buildings such as buildings high-rise buildings, hospitals, or for sports fields such as golf courses or driving range, as well as appropriate earthing systems.

The level of our service is highly dependent on the level of risk of lightning strikes as well as the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) policy implemented by the client. Consultants and contractors services can be services in the form of installation of simple lightning protection system with uncomplicated technical considerations, or it can even be a large project that requires a site survey, evaluation, assessment, review, and/or in-depth study first.

Lightning protection equipment is through modern electricity and other technology to prevent the equipment being struck by lightning.

Lightning protection equipment can be divided into power lightning protection, power protection socket, antenna feeder protection, signal lightning protection, lightning protection testing tools, measurement, and control system lightning protection, earth pole protection.

We have a wide range of lightning protection devices that can satisfy every need of our customers. With experience in participating in many large domestic and foreign projects, we always give priority to quality and effective products to achieve satisfaction from any factory or project.