With a facility of over 2 hectares located in Dong Xuyen Industrial Zone, Vung Tau City, the Oil & Gas hub and the harbor for rigs and ships in Vietnam, PVDT is an integrated one-stop unit well equipped with state-of-the-art features for technical services & training on site. In particular, the center houses:

  • 20 international standard training rooms
  • 100-square-meter and 300-square-meter swimming pools for Offshore Safety Training
  • An open fire yard for Fire Fighting Training
  • A thousand-square-meter technical workshop
  • Marine & Life Raft workshop
  • IWCF Well Control Simulator
  • A wide range of advanced simulators and equipment for safety & technical training such as Firefighting equipment container, HUET simulator, TEMPSC lifeboat, a drilling derrick, drilling equipment, Well control simulators, etc.
  • Lunch cafeteria, coffee break area, rejuvenation rooms, sauna rooms and other facilities.

Besides, PVD Training has its representative office in Ho Chi Minh City and an office in Yangon, Myanmar.