For many major industries like construction, power, oil & gas, manufacture,… rope access is a best innovative solution for carrying out a multitude of tasks at heights because of its effectiveness, more safety without having to install scaffolding or involve the use of man-lifts. Our rope access services helped to build a constructor, plant owners, manufacture owner reap the benefits from the delivery of cost-effective and efficient solutions that help them minimize downtime and ultimately increase profits for many projects, plants across major industries on new builds, repair & maintenance, Inspection, NDT, etc.

At PVDT, our IRATA certified rope access technicians are able to perform tasks utilizing specialized access techniques. Just some of the capabilities include:

  • Building/Plant construction
  • Structural steel installation
  • Electrical and mechanical installations
  • Painting, caulking, window cleaning, and glass restoration
  • Inspection, concrete inspection
  • Nondestructive testing
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Application of coating systems, welding & steel repair
  • And other tasks upon request

There are many benefits to speaking for rope access. Unlike traditional access methods such as the scaffold, scissor lifts, elevated work platforms and so forth, custom rope access solutions can be designed to fit various applications. Among other benefits, rope access is:

Cost-effective:  As stated, rope access services are very economical. Fewer personnel can accomplish more tasks sooner which translate to minimize downtime, increased production, and increased profits for our clients.

Versatility: our IRATA certified rope access technicians can apply technical rope access techniques to a wide variety of environments; from confined space scopes to complicated structural steel installations.

Environmentally friendly: Rope access techniques leave a minimal footprint on the surrounding environment compared to traditional methods. We don’t require petrol, oil, or electricity to access even the highest or tightest areas.

Fast & Efficient: Rope access systems are established and dismantled very quickly compared to traditional access methods. Less interference with other facility operations means less disruption, minimized downtime, and a safer work environment for all personnel.

Safety: Our IRATA certified rope access technicians uphold an exceptional safety record which has resulted in our work being classed as one of the safest in the whole major industries like construction, power, oil & gas, manufacturing, etc. We place a high focus on the identification and implementation of dropped object controls, safe systems of work, rope access rescue plans and other procedures to maintain our incident & injury free status. We don’t compromise safety!

Unobtrusive: Utilizing rope access can provide an unobtrusive, cost-effective access capability.

Reduced Man Hours: When comparing rope access to traditional access methods, the man-hours required to complete the same task are significantly reduced.

Superior Access: Rope access systems can be quickly established to reach almost any area you could imagine. This is literally impossible with other traditional access methods. Rope access methods can be used to access structures or areas that would not otherwise be possible to reach via conventional methods. The internals of industrial chimneys & smoke-stacks, domed roofs, and ducting all require maintenance at some point in time of which rope access is the preferred method.

Flexibility: Greater flexibility and rescheduling can be achieved using rope access. A change in weather conditions or changing work priorities can be easily accommodated with rope access. The hire and transportation of traditional access equipment such as Elevated Work Platforms (EWP’s) or scaffold can quickly become a logistical or financial nightmare if work priorities change at short notice.

Eliminate the Need for Heavy Equipment: The unobtrusive nature of rope access systems minimize the disruption on the ground, therefore allowing workers below to carry out their daily duties. This is not the case with heavy equipment and scaffolding. Generally speaking, erecting scaffold to access high areas requires much more manpower and time. There is also a significant increase in hazards associated with erecting scaffold including dropped objects which have the potential to be fatal.

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