Rope Access Services

When working at heights or in hard to access areas, rope access is by far the safest and most efficient access method used around the world today. Indeed, the rope access segment has seen the lowest incident and injury rate in the overall access industry.

PVD Training’s rope access technicians can perform inspection and maintenance tasks using specialised access techniques. We ensure that the specialists we supply to your project site are familiar with your specific requirements.


  1. Splash Zones

Splash zones are located immediately above water level, and these areas are hardly accessible. With rope access, you can easily reach all splash zone areas, which is impossible with scaffolding. Sudden freak waves or foot slips are safer with an experienced rope worker.

  1. Confined Spaces

Rope access technicians can work in hardly accessible spaces. They can enter and inspect cramped spaces regardless of their depth and configuration. As long as they can fit their body through a gap, they can work and solve problems.

  1. At Height

As opposed to scaffolding methods, rope access allows contact with all areas, regardless of height. There’s also no time spent removing and re-fitting scaffolding. A rope access technician can quickly cover vertical and horizontal ground.


+ Building/Plant construction

+ Structural steel installation

+ Electrical and mechanical installations

+Painting, caulking, window cleaning, and glass restoration

+ Inspection, concrete inspection

+ Nondestructive testing

+ Maintenance and repairs…