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This course is designed for personnel who will be working in the wind industry or related fields and will have their duties in a wind turbine environment, usually in physical contact with a wind turbine or an offshore wind structure.


 This training shall enable delegates to support and care for themselves and others working in the industry by possessing the knowledge and skills of First Aid, Working at Heights, Manual Handling, Sea Survival, Fire Awareness and in case of an emergency, to be able to evacuate, rescue and provide appropriate First Aid to Casualties.


First Aid

    • Introduction
    • Lifesaving First Aid using primary surveyand first aid structure
    • Providing first aid to relevant incidents in the wind industry
    • Scenario-based training
    • Training review

Manual Handling

    • Introduction
    • Injuries, symptoms, and essential manual handling principles
    • Warm up activities
    • Manual handling principles
    • Training review

Fire Awareness

    • Introduction
    • Legislation
    • Fire combustion and fire spread
    • Fire extinguishing
    • Fire Prevention
    • Firefighting equipment in a WTG GWO Basic Safety Training (BST)
    • Practice and scenario-based training
    • Training review

Working At Height

    • Introduction
    • Legislation
    • Harness
    • Fall prevention
    • Vertical fall arrest systems
    • Fall arrest lanyards
    • Dropped objects
    • Self-retracting lifelines
    • Measures to prevent injury during training
    • Practical exercises
    • Workshop – risks/ hazards & suspension trauma
    • Emergency procedures
    • PPE review
    • Rescue devices and rigging setup
    • Measures to prevent injury during training
    • Rescue exercises
    • Training review

Sea Survival

    • Introduction
    • Safety culture and legacy
    • Cold water immersion
    • Life Saving Appliances and PPE
    • SAR and GMDSS
    • Practical Sea Survival
    • Safe travel and transfer (theory)
    • Installations, vessels and WTGS
    • Transfer Practical
    • Training review


VALIDITY : 2 years
All delegates must be medically fit and will be required to complete a medical declaration during the course induction. If you are in any doubt visit a Doctor prior to enrolment on the course.