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The Basic Technical Training modules are targeted at candidates who have no previous experience of hydraulic, mechanical, electrical or installation systems, but may also be used to upskill candidates who have some knowledge but not of its application in wind turbines.


This BTT Training shall enable participants to be able to perform basic hydraulic, mechanical, electrical and installation tasks under the supervision of an experienced technician. This course will not make the participant a trained person who is allowed to perform hydraulic, mechanical, electrical or installation work without supervision.


1. Mechanical Module – 810 minutes

✓ Introduction to the training
✓ Mechanical Introduction
✓ The principles of bolted and welded connections
✓ Use of manual tightening and measuring tools
✓ Hydraulic Torque and Tension
✓ Gearbox
✓ Breaking System
✓ Yaw System
✓ Cooling System
✓ Lubrication System
✓ Theoretical Test
✓ Training review

2. Electrical Module – 525 Minutes (If done after Mechanical 500 minutes)

✓ Introduction to the training
✓ Introduction to electricity
✓ Electrical Components
✓ Sensors
✓ Electrical circuits
✓ Electrical measuring instruments
✓ Theoretical test
✓ Training review

3. Hydraulic Module – 475 Minutes (If done after other BTT module 450 minutes)

✓ Introduction to the training
✓ Hydraulic Introduction
✓ Pumps
✓ Actuators
✓ Valves
✓ Accumulators
✓ Sensors
✓ Pipes, hoses and connections
✓ Oil and filters
✓ Hydraulic diagrams
✓ Pressure measuring tools
✓ Theoretical test
✓ Training review

4. Installation Module – 1060 Minutes (If done after other BTT module 1035 minutes)

✓ Introduction to the training
✓ Introduction to installation
✓ General procedures for working onsite with installation
✓ Installation environments
✓ Handling and storing
✓ Lifting operations
✓ Main component preparation, pre-assembly, and assembly
✓ Principles of mechanical completion
✓ Principles of electrical completion, including cable work
✓ Principles of hydraulic completion
✓ Principles of operation with external generators
✓ Introduction to handover to commissioning
✓ Theoretical test
✓ Training review


VALIDITY : No expiry

All delegates must be medically fit and will be required to complete a medical
declarationduring the course induction. If you are in any doubt visit a Doctor prior to enrolment on the course