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    • The OPITO Safe Driving at Work Training and Assessment Standard is a minimum standard designed for any person who is required to drive on company business, is employed as a driver (in the plant or on public roads) or is a local hire driver under company responsibility. This training also applies to personnel using a vehicle on behalf of a company


    • The aim of the training is to ensure that all personnel required to drive a company vehicle can do so safely and in line with relevant driving related laws/ regulations.
    • The objectives of this training are that delegates will be able to:

Identify and gain an understanding of local driving laws/ regulations, driving hazards, vehicle familiarisation and safety features, journey planning, and safety/preventive measures when driving a company vehicle

Demonstrate driving safely using the right techniques and following road procedures


    • There are two parts to this training programme – Theoretical and practical training:

The theoretical elements can be delivered either by CBT or in a classroom. Delegates of either method will be assessed against learning outcomes 1-13 using a short written test, open-book test.

The practical elements of the training will consist of a series of explanations and demonstrations by training staff followed by delegates practicing and demonstrating their competence during a practical driving session. Learning outcomes 14 and 15 will be assessed through direct observation of the delegate’s practical performance.


    • The training course consists of the following modules and elements:
    • Module 1: Driving Safety
    • Element 1.1 Local driving-related laws and regulations Element 1.2 Driving hazards and vehicle safety features Element 1.3 Traffic systems and road layout
    • Module 2: Driver Journey Management
    • Element 2.1 Journey Management and Vehicle Checks Element 2.2 Defensive Driving Techniques
    • Module 3: Driving Performance Element 3.1 Practical Driving


    • Attendance on this course is open to delegates who have a driver’s license which is valid in the location where the training is to be delivered.


    • Seven hours and 20mins (7h20minns)


    • Following explanations and demonstrations by Trainer: Delegates to practise and demonstrate exercises.
    • Utilising training centre classrooms, approved vehicle and server roads for practical.


    • Safe driving at work training activities contained within this Standard may include physically demanding and potentially stressful elements. All personnel who participate in such activities must be physically and mentally capable of participating fully.
    • The responsibility for declaring any current or pre-existing medical conditions that could have adverse effects to the individual’s state of health while undertaking the training and/or assessment activities lies with the delegate/candidate and/or company sponsoring the delegate.
    • Where doubt exists regarding the fitness of any delegate/candidate, the OPITO-approved Centre should direct the individual to consult a medical officer familiar with the nature and extent of the training

Possess an operator approved medical certificate, or

Undergoes medical screening by completing an appropriate medical screening form provided by PVD Training


    • Recommendation only: It is recommended that company drivers are put through the Safe Driving at Work training and assessment every two years to ensure that skills and knowledge of the driver is checked

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