hlo and hda training 2

Course Aim

To provide personnel who are involved with helicopter refuelling with the knowledge of procedures used when conducting refuelling operations

Course Objectives

    • By the end of program personnel with have an understanding and knowledge of:
    • Helicopter safety / helicopter identification aspects Health and safety hazards
    • Static electricity hazards
    • Quality control and fuel sampling procedures
    • Helicopter refuelling procedures – engine stopped Helicopter refuelling procedures – engine running

Assessment Methods

Written or oral exam

Conduct a practical refuelling exercise


Participants are required to pass an assessment of practical skills and a written or verbal examination of theory.

Pre Requisite

All participants for the Helideck Assistant course have a current HUET certificate, a current first aid certificate, a current offshore fire fighting certificate, a good working understanding of the English language

Course Duration

This course is conducted over one (1) day.

Method of Training

The course is conducted at a venue suitable for the theory and practical instruction of all participants and will include the provision of catering, visual teaching aids and writing materials.